SKB – Six Laptops Cases

SKB - Six Laptops Cases

SKB Cases for 6 laptops feature a rugged-duty case shell, scoping handle and wheels – making this the ideal portable solution to protect valuable equipment. Case interior foam is fabricated to fit six laptops of any brand, with custom options for specific models also available. Cases are watertight, crushproof and dustproof.

All of our SKB laptop cases are padlockable and can be shipped via Fed-Ex/UPS, and exceed ATA 300 (Air Transport Association) specifications.

SKB Laptop Cases can be customized to fit your brand and model.

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Product Product Number Internal Dimension
  • Six 18″ Laptops Case – Rolling (Custom) REL06Z18-PC-3 30.75″L x 26.00″W x 15.50″H View
  • Six 16″ Laptops Case – Rolling (Custom) REL06Z16-PC-3 29.00″L x 18.00″W x 14.00″H View
  • Six 13″ Laptops Case – Rolling (Custom) REL06Z13-PC-3 26.08″L x 17.00″W x 12.00″H View
  • Six 17″ Laptops Case – Rolling (Custom) REL06Z17-PC-3 24.00″L x 24.00″W x 14.00″H View
  • Six 14″ Laptops Case – Rolling (Custom) REL06Z14-PC-3 22.00″L x 17.00″W x 12.75″H View
  • Six 15″ Laptops Case – Rolling (Custom) REL06Z15-PC-3 22.00″L x 17.00″W x 12.75″H View
  • Six 12″ Laptops Case – Rolling (Custom) REL06Z12-PC-3 22.00″L x 17.00″W x 12.75″H View
  • Six 11″ Mini Notebook Case – Rolling (Custom) REL06Z11-PC-3 20.50″L x 15.50″W x 10.00″H View